Thursday, 18th September, 2014

Open registration at Castello del Valentino, Corso Massimo D’Azeglio, 11, 10126 Turin
18:00 – 22:00
Ice-breaker party at Castello del Valentino, Corso Massimo D’Azeglio, 11, 10126 Turin

Friday, 19th September, 2014

Historical building of rectorship of the University of Turin, via Po, 17, Turin

08:00 – 09:30
09:30 – 09:45
Welcome and Symposium opening
09:45 – 10:15
Carlo Baroni: The Future of the Glaciers. From the past to the next 100 years, the activity of the Italian Glaciological Committe
10:15 – 10:45
Wilfried Haeberli: Alpine glaciers as a climate proxy in a changing world (Key Lecture)
10:45 – 11:15
Jean Robert Petit: Solar activity, inter-annual climate variability deduced from Antarctic snow studies (Key Lecture)
11:15 – 11:45
Coffee break
11:45 – 12:15
Massimo Frezzotti: A synthesis of the Antarctic surface mass balance (Key Lecture)
12:15 – 12:45
John J. Clague: Hazard and risk in high glacierized mountains (Key Lecture)
12:45 – 13:00
Giovanni Macelloni: The Global Cryosphere Watch : a WMO’s programme for the monitoring of the cryosphere
13:00 – 13:15
Discussion and questions
13:15 – 14:15

Chairman: Massimo Frezzotti

14:15 – 14:30
Carlo Baroni: DATAGRALP – a new database for reconstructing the spatial-temporal evolution of the Glacial Resource in the Italian Alps over the last 100 years in the framework of the NextData Project
14:30 – 14:45
Claudio Smiraglia: A contribution to a better understanding of the alpine cryosphere: the new italian glacier inventory
14:45 – 15:00
Giovanni Kappenberger: 100 Years Glacier-Climate Studies at Claridenfirn Worldwide Longest Glacier Mass Balance Series 1914-2014
15:00 – 15:15
Luca Carturan: Analysis of long-term mass balance series of the glaciers in the Italian Alps
15:15 – 15:30
Michael Kuhn: Scenarios of glacier mass balance and runoff in Adige and Tirol, 2040 – 2060
15:30 – 15:45
Stephan Peter Galos: Recent glacier changes in the Val Venosta region
15:45 – 16:15
Coffee break
13:15 – 14:15

Chairman: Valter Maggi

16:15 – 16:30
Roberto Ranzi: Thermofluidodynamic modelling of the Adamello Glacier changes in the current climate
16:30 – 16:45
Federico Cazorzi: Accounting for air temperature distribution in glacier mass balance modeling
16:45 – 17:00
Riccardo Scotti: Post-LIA glacier changes along a climatic transect in the Central Italian Alps
17:00 – 17:15
Renato Colucci: Present state of the cryosphere in the italian and slovenian southeastern Alps
17:15 – 17:30
Matteo Mattavelli: Gis analysis to apply theoretical minimal model on glacier flow line and to assess glacier response in climate change scenarios
17:30 – 17:45
Discussion and questions
17:45 – 18:30
Visit to the Alpine Italian Club “Museo Nazionale della Montagna” (National Mountain Museum) followed by the social dinner to the museum restaurant. Piazzale Monte dei Capuccini, 7, 10131 Turin

Saturday, 20th September, 2014

Historical building of rectorship of the University of Turin, via Po, 17, Turin

Chairman: Claudio Smiraglia

08:45 – 09:00
Christoph Mayer: Ten years of glaciological observations at Baltoro Glacier, Pakistan
09:00 – 09:15
Wilfried Hagg: Hydrological modelling in the Inylchek glacier region, Central Tian Shan
09:15 – 09:30
Roberto Garzonio: Definition of a methodology to map the suitability of mountain glaciers for ice core drilling using morphometric and climatic indicators.
09:30 – 09:45
Aldino Bondesan: Geophysical potentials in glacial and periglacial environments in the Alps
09:45 – 10:00
Giuliano Dreossi: Comparing weather station and isotopic data in the new Alpine ice core drilling site of Mt. Ortles (South Tyrol, Italy)
10:00 – 10:15
Jacopo Gabrieli: A novel firn/ice-core melter system for continuous ICP-QMS trace element analysis n
10:15 – 10:30
Valter Maggi: The glaciological, stratigraphic, and isotopic contexts of the Great War site of Punta Linke (Ortles-Cevedale Group)
10:30 – 11:00
Coffee break

Chairman: Marco Giardino

11:00 – 11:15
Marco Vagliasindi: A monitoring plan for glaciers evolution and glaciers-related risk in Aosta Valley, IT
11:15 – 11:30
Laura Dublanc: Wet-snow and glide-snow avalanches risk management in ski resorts: the support of the Mountain Risk Research Team to the Monterosa Ski in Aosta Valley (NW Italian Alps)
11:30 – 11:45
Federico Riva: Ten years geomorphological evolution of Zebrù Valley (Italian Central Alps) after the Thurwieser rock avalanche
11:45 – 12:00
Gabriele Confortola: A 1D model of snow-gliding: the case study of Mont de la Saxe (NW Italian Alps)
12:00 – 12:15
Manuela Pelfini: Glacier fluctuations and forest limits changes in the central Italian Alps
12:15 – 12:30
Discussion and questions
12:30 – 13:15

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